Grow Your NFT
Portfolio With Olympics

Expand your portfolio just by holding our native token, $OLYMPIC—and get Olympic NFTs airdropped straight to your wallet!


What is Olympic Token?

What better way to show support for your favorite countries and sporting events than through Olympic Token.

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, Olympic Token powers the unique and very limited Olympic Games NFTs.

Best of all, to get these NFTs all you need to do is hold Olympic Token.

The Olympic Games are only the beginning, as we have begun developing the Olympic Village special NFT marketplace unique to Olympic Token!


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Of Every Transaction Sent To Holders
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Of Each Transaction Added to LP
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Olympic Games Wallet (Buyback and Burn)

How To Buy

Download Metamask

Visit and download the extension.
Metamask is widely used in the decentralized market.

Fund Your Wallet

Purchase ETH to fund your wallet.

You can do this directly through Metamask.

Connect Metamask

Connect your MetaMask wallet to UniSwap. Click “Select a Token” and paste the contract address.


Enter amount of ETH you wish to swap for $OLYMPIC using the contract address—and you’re all set!



  • Presale
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Release Opening Ceremony NFTs
  • Partner with Influencers and Strategic marketing partners
  • Participate in Olympic Games
  • Coingecko listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing


  • Launch Olympic Village NFT
  • Partner with Olympic Athletes
  • Bridge to MATIC network
  • Complete CERTIK audit
  • And Much more…..

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